<aside> 👉🏾 I work in the transformation of higher education for social renewal. My primary foci are empowering communities, enabling learners, and transforming broken systems. I value compassion, liberation, and democratic systems. Currently, I work as a Lecturer in Curriculum Development with Adelaide University and as Adjunct Lecturer in Arts and Society with Charles Darwin University. My research and practice interests lie in systematic decolonisation of higher education (curriculum & pedagogy), radical democracy, educational equity, student partnership, trans-disciplinarity, activism, Freireian, Marxist and Gramscian social theory, and clinical education and simulation. My academic background is in cultural studies, sociology, higher education, Marxism and political philosophy.


A headshot photograph of Aidan in 2022

A headshot photograph of Aidan in 2022


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I have worked in a range of research, teaching and professional roles in higher education. I am published in cultural and labour studies, higher education governance, student partnership, curriculum decolonisation, and the scholarship of teaching and learning at an above average first-author rate for an early career researcher relevant to career stage for cultural studies. Across my roles I have been required to demonstrate extensive skill in multi-disciplinary research methodologies and methods, supervision of research students, project management, curriculum revitalisation, learning design, student retention and success, pedagogy and teaching approaches, learning tools and research skills. In my latest role as a Lecturer: Academic Development I have significantly advanced decolonisation of health curriculum across two faculties (5 programs/degrees) and started and supported strategic projects in curricular ‘Indigenisation’: the weaving of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges in curricular and the establishment of culturally responsive pedagogies across the institution. Previously, I worked as a topic (course/unit) coordinator, including working on the major redevelopment of topics, and coordinating large core courses in education and humanities. I worked as a curriculum developer, research associate/assistant (on 2 ARC projects) and educational design consultant at Flinders University, specialising in online design in the humanities, arts and social sciences. I have also worked for the South Australian state government in positions related to research for policy implementation and support for schools. I worked as an entrepreneur delivering online professional development courses to teachers and have run successful education research and development consultancy projects. While working and studying at Flinders University, I made significant contributions in voluntary student governance roles, student association positions and towards the higher degrees by research community.

Career Highlights:


Lecturer in Academic Development (Aboriginal Curriculum)

2024 - ongoing - Project academic (Level B) - Adelaide University – Kaurna Yarta

I was sought out to support development of tools, training, and resources in curriculum for the new Adelaide University. In this role I am on a full time secondment from the University of South Australia into the Integration Management Office to support the development of frameworks, policies, and curriculum which recognises and honours Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ ways of knowing, being and becoming. I work relationally with fellow Aboriginal academics and across the curriculum domain in IMO to craft advice, training, policy and support to ensure the new University’s commitment to First Nations peoples, particularly the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla peoples where the University will be situated.

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